Calming Facial Sheet Mask - Box Set (4 per box) 
Soothing anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial agents are transferred while hydrating to comfort sensitive skin and reduce irritation.


Bel Mondo’s all-natural bio cellulose treatment masks are intensely hydrating and soothing. They excel as super-moisturizing components in standard facial services and as recovery aids that diminish inflammation and redness after a variety of skin resurfacing procedures.


What Makes Bio Cellulose Desirable For Skin Care?

Bio cellulose has several physical properties that set it apart as a premium material for use in skin care:

  • Bio cellulose is extremely hydrophilic, or “water loving”. Bio cellulose fabrics have an amazing fluid-holding capacity of up to 100 times their dry weight.
  • Bio cellulose has a very high degree of crystallinity, which is another way of saying that the microfibers in bio cellulose fabrics are tightly intertwined (woven), and quite strong and resilient.
  • Bio cellulose is sterile, toxin free, and extraordinarily pure. Cellulose derived from the cell walls of ordinary plants contains coarse polymers like lignin and hemicelluloses; these polymers are not present in bio cellulose.


Is Bio Cellulose Used For Other Applications?

The biomedical field has leveraged the distinctive properties of bio cellulose to support a range of applications. Bio cellulose is used as artificial skin to heal and soothe burns, and as occlusive dressings to treat chronic wounds. It is also used in microsurgeries (as molding for artificial blood vessels) and in plastic/reconstructive surgeries.

Bel Mondo Calming Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks


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