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Clinically Tested

C2S Facial Treatment Serum was tested on over 50 patients. Patients exhibited various
skin conditions such as inflammatory breakouts, hyperpigmentation problems, acne, chronic dermatitis and erythema (due to exfoliating procedures such as laser therapy, microdermabrasion, acid peels, etc.).

Results indicated that C2S had the greatest effect on patients with oily skin problems and inflammation.
Normalizes Oily Skin

C2S normalizes sebum flow thus
alleviating oily skin problems such as acne.

Gently Exfoliates

Most patients observed that their skin felt smoother and some noticed diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles. With an enhanced delivery system in C2S, maximal penetration of the Salicylic Acid increases the skin exfoliation rate thus assisting in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Alleviates Inflammation

For patients exhibiting inflammation or erythema, C2S has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect due to the effective penetration of the Vitamin C thus alleviating redness and pain.

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